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Expected April 2015
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DIY Cake Decorating Kits
Easy Icing Kits - Fondant Kits - Learn Fondant Skills!
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You can make these!

No experience necessary to decorate a fancy, bakery-style cake with an Ella Vanilla cake decorating kit.

Don't believe it? Check out the great results other first-timers have had with one of our kits.

Ella Vanilla cake kits are mini cake-decorating lessons in a box. Full color step-by-step instructions are included with every kit. Everyone will be amazed that you made it – even you!

How it works

Choose from a variety of ability levels—from fast and easy Icing Kits to more in depth Fondant Kits.

We deliver to you a beautiful box filled with everything needed to decorate that cake—including directions, disposable baking pans, display board, food color, decorations, tools and more. All that you need to supply yourself are common kitchen utensils, the cake mix and icing.

Use our video tutorials, recipe suggestions and helpful FAQs to make your cake look like it came from a high-end bakery.

Introduction video for Ella Vanilla Fondant Cake Decorating Kits.

Start Here

Our introductory video shows you how Ella Vanilla cake decorating kits work. For more in-depth instructions, and to learn more about cake decorating, see the tutorials on our video page.

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